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My Portfolio

My name is Christopher Sharpe, I am a freshman in my second semester with a major in biochemistry. My final goal is to go to medical school and become a psychiatrist. I hope this class will help me improve my essay writing for the future. I have never done an online class before, so I am interested. I've always enjoyed reading stories, with my favorite being "A Song of Ice and Fire". I also enjoy reading comics and spent lots of time focusing on school and I have traveled very often in the past. I am a Dean's list student and want to keep that up and my favorite subjects are history and chemistry. I always try to decipher what aspects of media I enjoy in the stories I read and follow it back to its source, like following a length of string, I use this to try to find out why I like the media the way I do. This helps me search out more media that I feel may be of the same vain.

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